When I was unanimously endorsed at our DFL convention to run for Minnesota House of Representatives for District 39A, I was honored and humbled.  I also felt an urgent accountability to the people.  I want to report to you that I have already knocked at over 1600 households in our area.  The reception you and your neighbors have given me has been amazing.   It is my intention to run a hands-on, face-to-face people-centered campaign.

These are the issues about which our neighbors are most concerned:

  • Water: Everyone I talk to is outraged that the current legislators in our area have done nothing to protect our water.  They understand that clean drinking water is a legacy issue that needs to be addressed NOW before tainting and contamination sets into our groundwater.  It seems that daily we hear about the horrible things happening to our water.  All our ground water is connected; so any bad news is horrifying for all – the damage can take decades to reverse.  I will champion the protection of our drinking water!
  • Education: The current house leadership has played political football with our children’s education. They are fiscally starving school districts.  Preschoolers need to be prepared for school and college students should have affordable tuition.  I will protect our children’s educational future while holding school district’s accountable to using taxpayer dollars wisely.
  • Ineffective Government: Bureaucracies must be brought into the 21st Our legislature is supposed to govern.  The current representatives have shirked their responsibilities because they are enslaved by partisanship.  This is unacceptable.  I pledge to work hard for our state to create an economy that works for all.

I commit to working hard to be your voice at the Capitol.  I look forward to working shoulder-to-shoulder with you to take Minnesota and our nation forward.

Please consider making a financial contribution to my campaign – by mail or online at www.jodyandersonforhouse.com/donate.


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