In talking with you, I hear loud and clear that education is a major concern. As the father of 3 children, 2 of whom have graduated from public school and one who looks forward to graduating, I am with you. Our legislative house has been in such disarray that they are not focused on the future needs of our state and have been playing games with the funding of education. I want to straighten out the mess, bring us back on course to being the state with the best-educated kids in the nation. Every kid that graduates will have to go to work, and if we don’t have highly educated workers we, as a state, will not thrive. It is that plain and that simple.


Hundreds of Minnesotans with whom I have engaged have placed environmental protection amongst their highest priorities. They want the land and water healthy to allow for the vibrancy of our wildlife, aquatic life, and ecosystems. The vitality of nature begins with clean water. I pledge to protect our environment and precious water for our future NOW!


You have told me that safe roads and bridges are a priority, and, our need to plan for the future with transit. Planning and implementing efficient transit routes and stations is vital to our workforce and thus, growing our economy. Join me in planning for our future NOW!

Government Reform:

As your Representative, I will advocate vigorously for you. I will fight tirelessly for economic opportunities for all people and to protect regular, hard-working families and individuals from being an afterthought by those who seek to serve the very wealthy and big business. We are the engine that makes Minnesota strong.

Criminal Justice Reform:

I have been working in the criminal justice system for over 27 years and see firsthand the need for smart reform that keeps dangerous criminals out of the community and allows those who are willing to make needed changes the opportunity to be productive and become taxpayers.

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